Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner was the first candidate to declare his intention to run for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate to replace Pat Roberts. He believes his previous experience in the Legislature and as State Treasurer has prepared him for this role.

“I focused very much on making sure that we moved the ball down the field for the people of Kansas,” said LaTurner. “I certainly voted to keep taxes low and keep government small, but I didn’t just vote that way. I led on issues. Whether it was reforming our property tax system, giving voters the opportunity to vote on property tax increases above the rate of inflation or leading on the 2nd Amendment, or on the passage of Simon’s Law, I led again and again and as Treasurer, I’ve done the same thing.”

The office has returned a record amount of property to the people of Kansas. LaTurner says he’s ready to step back into what would be a position much more run by politics and less service oriented than the Treasurer’s office is.

“We’re used to taking elbows,” said LaTurner. “That’s the name of the game. My wife and I are not strangers to the political process and how that it can be difficult, especially on a family and that’s who I think about the most in this process. We know that running for the United States Senate is going to be amplified in a major way. We are prepared for that. We understand that it’s a sacrifice, but we think it’s worth the sacrifice. We need people that are willing to step up and run for office, even though its hard.”

LaTurner’s Contract with Kansas includes a promise to take up the torch of Senator Roberts on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

“On that list of seven principles is my commitment to making sure that we have a United States Senator from Kansas that serves on the Agriculture Committee,” said LaTurner. “It is so vital to our farmers that we have representation on that committee. Farmers in this state need access to new markets. They need the opportunity to sell their goods. Kansas farmers are hard workers. They’re not looking for a handout from the federal government. They want to be able to sell their product.”

You can look up all of LaTurner’s principles for running at ContractWithKansas.com.