Lawrence police officer tests positive for coronavirus


The Lawrence Police department has been notified that one of its officers has tested positive for COVID- 19. This is the first positive case in the department. 

The affected officer first experienced symptoms on late Tuesday evening, and immediately took steps to limit exposure to other persons, per recommendations from the CDC and Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health. The officer was not on duty at the time they began experiencing symptoms, and has not been on duty since Monday. The officer is experiencing mild symptoms, and is not requiring hospitalization. The officer will remain isolated until guidance from Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health deems it appropriate for them to return to work. 

We are following best practices and taking necessary steps to protect all members of the department and the community. 

For privacy reasons, we will not be disclosing any identifying information about the officer. Lawrence- Douglas County Public Health is reviewing any close contacts the officer may have had and will be monitoring them for the development of symptoms. The officer has not traveled recently, and has not had contact with any known carriers of the virus, so the point of infection is unknown at this time.