Lawsuit Filed in Jail Incident

A former inmate at a jail alleges in a federal lawsuit that deputies fired a flash grenade and nonlethal bullets at her while she was having a panic attack inside an isolation cell in 2019.

The lawsuit, filed by an attorney for 25-year-old Realiti Courson, alleges that deputies targeted her because she is Black.

It also alleges that the Reno County sheriff’s department persuaded the local prosecutor to charge Courson with three felonies after her attorney contacted the department about the incident.

According to the lawsuit, Courson, who had a history of anxiety and mental health challenges, hit and kicked her cell door, rang the buzzer, and covered the surveillance camera twice while inside the cell.

Former Sheriff Randy Henderson then used a flash-bang explosive and non-lethal bullets.

Courson suffered numerous scars from the bullets, and required surgery.