Leavenworth Man Shot By Police

Authorities are investigating after police officers shot and critically wounded a man in Leavenworth.

Officers from several departments went to an area around 5 o’clock Sunday morning because a man had a gun.

Authorities blocked off traffic in the area around where the man was standing in the middle of a street, and began to negotiate with him.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said the 31-year-old man – later identified as Donald Barden Jr., of Leavenworth – ignored officers’ commands, waved his gun around and made suicidal statements during the standoff.

Around 6:20 a.m., he ran toward officers and pointed his gun at them.

The KBI said an officer from the Leavenworth Police Department and a Lansing officer both fired at Barden, wounding him.

Another officer also fired bean bag rounds at Barden.

EMS, who had been waiting nearby during the incident, took life-saving measures, then transported him to the hospital.