The classic rock band KANSAS will be back in Topeka at the Topeka Performing Arts Center next Friday for a special concert performance of their sextuple-platinum album, “Point of Know Return”.  

The concert, which is slated for Friday, October 4th at 730 pm, will commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary of the album release and will give fans an opportunity to hear their greatest hits.

“We started doing this ‘Point’ tour over a year ago,” said original KANSAS guitarist, Richard Williams. “The success of it has just been phenomenal! The last part of the show is playing the entire ‘Point of Know Return’ album, which is approximately forty-five minutes.  But, the show is over two hours and we have a lot of other material to cover. We start with an acoustic set and then we go into other familiar songs and other deep cuts – different things for the center part of the show… Then, we end with ‘Point’ in its entirety in running order.  So, it’s fun for us and it’s great for a KANSAS fan! It’s been extremely well received.”

Williams, who is a Topeka native, says that there’s something special about playing in front of the home crowd.

“There’s something for me about Topeka, being born there,” said Williams. “There’s always been a magnet that’s drawn me back home. There’s a comfort for me there in coming back and seeing people that were friends of mine in grade school that I’m still friends with today.  There’s always been pressure in playing for your hometown for the same reason. These are people that you’ve known forever and it’s always pressure because you want to make them proud and to do well. There’s just another notch higher in playing a hometown show.” 

Williams has a message for his Topeka and northeast Kansas fans as he returns next week.

“I’m looking forward to coming home,” said Williams.  “Every time that I go around a corner, I remember another story or something else that happened. There’s nowhere else on earth that gives me this flood of memories like Topeka does – personal stories, band stories, all of that… We have a blast coming back home!”

Tickets for the KANSAS “Point of Know Return” 40th Anniversary Concert Tour are available at the Topeka Performing Arts Center’s website,

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