Legislator Still Eligible for Extra Pay

One of the Kansas Legislature’s most powerful lawmakers is eligible to be paid nearly $500 every two weeks he remains in leadership while he fights charges of driving under the influence and trying to elude law enforcement.

The Kansas City Star reports that the payments can continue even though Kansas Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop turned over the bulk of his duties before he was charged in the March 16 incident in Topeka.

He has given no indication he plans to resign or give up his prestigious leadership position, meaning he continues to hold powers that can’t be delegated, and remains influential.

Senate President Ty Masterson has made it clear he doesn’t plan to pressure the senator to step down.

As majority leader, Suellentrop receives an allowance of $487.14 every two weeks during his term of office.

The sum is in addition to up to about $200 a day in pay and allowances lawmakers receive during session.