Legislators Set For Extra-Long Session

The possibility that the Kansas Supreme Court will overturn new political redistricting laws has prompted the Legislature to reconvene May 23rd.

Lawmakers wrapped up almost all of their other business for the year last week, and adjourned for almost a month.

In a typical year, they’d come back only for an annual closing ceremony.

But the state’s highest court is reviewing new congressional and legislative districts, and it’s expected to rule on whether they comply with the Kansas Constitution by May 23.

Coming back gives lawmakers a chance to enact new maps just ahead of the June 1st candidate filing deadline.

Senate President Ty Masterson said lawmakers don’t know how many days they’ll have to be in session.

If they don’t need to tackle redistricting again, they’ll adjourn for the year, he said.

The nearly monthlong break also will allow lawmakers to see whether the governor issues any new vetoes.