Legislature Looks At Adding Regulations On Green Energy

Green energy companies and environmentalists are fighting a revived push in the Kansas Legislature for stricter limits on wind turbines and solar farms in a state where renewable resources account for nearly half the capacity for generating electricity.

Two Senate committees have held hearings on bills backed by a key conservative lawmaker and landowners upset with wind turbines going up near their homes.

Wind energy officials said the proposed rules would be so strict that no new wind or solar farms could be built in Kansas.

The measures are pushed by Senate Utilities Chair Mike Thompson, who questions whether wind and solar farms can provide a reliable power supply.

A bill before Thompson’s committee would make it easier for landowners who’ve leased land for wind or solar farms to void those leases, particularly if there’s no construction after three years.

Another bill before the Senate Local Government Committee would set statewide zoning rules for wind and solar farms.