Little Change in Latest Kansas Drought Monitor

There was very little change on the latest drought monitor map for Kansas. The latest numbers from the National Drought Mitigation Center show that nearly 72 and a half percent of the state is considered abnormally dry or in drought conditions. A little over half of the state is considered in some stage of drought conditions. The areas considered in drought are over most of the northern third of the state and most of western Kansas. A 13 county area is northwest and  extreme west central and southwest Kansas is in the driest area of extreme drought conditions.

Overall, the state of Kansas is on the eastern fringes of the worst drought areas. Five rocky mountain and western states have over 72 percent of their area considered in D3(Extreme) or D4(Exceptional) drought areas:

Nevada – 72.56% D3-4

Colorado – 73.63% D3-4

New Mexico – 82.62% D3-4

Utah – 90.11% D3-4 (69.99% in D4)

Arizona – 93.86% D3-4 (72.69% in D4)

You look at the neighboring states around Kansas, it’s both good and bad. Colorado is in much worse shape than Kansas when it comes to the drought monitor. Others include:

Nebraska – 24.41% D3-4

Oklahoma – 10.12% D3-4

Texas – 19.82% D3-4

Iowa – 3.55% D3-4

Missouri 0% in D3-4 (81.17% considered Normal)

You compare the latest Kansas numbers to one year ago, it’s a marked difference. One year ago, over 32 and a half percent of the state was considered abnormally dry or in drought conditions with only a little under 10 percent considered in drought conditions.


Source: NOAA and National Drought Mitigation Center