Look before you lock: Hot car deaths are preventable

Following the deadliest year in history for child hot car deaths, KidsAndCars.org is pushing for technology and education to help end these preventable tragedies.

“We want parents to open that back door every single time they open their vehicle, that’s whether the babies are with you or not,” said Amber Rollins with KidsAndCars.org. “Get in the habit of doing it. You don’t have to think about it anymore once it becomes a habit. It will just be a part of your normal, daily routine.”

It’s easy to force yourself to begin the process.

“Put something that you can’t start your day without on the floorboard in front of your car seat,” said Rollins. “For me, I work at a computer all day. That would be my laptop. If I got in the office and I didn’t have my computer, I couldn’t do anything. I’d have to go back to the car to get it.”

It’s especially important to double check the back seat if there is any change in your regular routine otherwise.

“If your child goes to daycare, Grandma or Grandpa, family friend, you want to ask them to call you immediately if your child doesn’t show up as planned,” said Rollins. “This could prevent a very large number of these fatalities from happening.”

Children have died in hot cars where the outside temperature was just in the lower 50s.