Man Kills Woman; Child Found Dead After Police Enter Home

A man killed a woman, and later was found dead inside a home with their slain toddler after firing nearly a hundred rounds at law enforcement, authorities say.

Police in Baxter Springs responded to a call from a woman asking for help.

When officers arrived, they knocked on the door.

Eli Crawford, 37, answered the door but seeing it was the police, slammed it shut.

The subjects’ daughter, 2-year-old Clesslie Crawford, then reopened the door and Taylor Shutte, 27, ran outside.

Crawford then shot and killed Shutte.

He also began shooting at the four officers.

The officers retreated without returning fire.

Gunfire from Crawford continued.

It’s believed he used several guns to fire over 90 rounds.

After a couple of hours, a law enforcement officer fired one round into the trailer.

Officers approached the residence and found Eli Crawford deceased inside from a gunshot wound.

The child was also found deceased from gunshot wounds.