Man Pleads Guilty In Animal Cruelty Case

A Kansas man has pleaded guilty to a felony for throwing his ex-girlfriend’s caged miniature poodle in a river.

Davion Simpson, 24, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in the case, and faces possible jail time when he’s sentenced December 17th, Leavenworth County prosecutors say.

Witnesses told police that on July 31st, Simpson dragged a kennel with the dog inside it out of the back of his car at Riverfront Park in Leavenworth, and threw the kennel into the Missouri River.

Bystanders rescued the dog from drowning.

Police said Simpson had recently ended his relationship with the girlfriend, and had texted a friend of hers that the dog was “gone.”

Investigators have said Simpson took the woman’s three dogs after an argument.

The woman’s Chihuahua was later found running loose at another park, and her brindle pug terrier was found with her ex-boyfriend’s family.