Many Vaccinated People Avoiding Those Who Aren’t

If you’re already vaccinated against COVID-19, will you avoid people that you know have not had their shots? According to a recent survey, about half of you would answer “yes.”

A biotechnical products distribution company,, surveyed thirty-four hundred people nationwide, and found that – in Kansas – 48% of those who are vaccinated will avoid those who haven’t received the shots.

That number – 48% – is the same as the national average.

There are regional variations.

For example, in Maryland, 65% say they’ll avoid the unvaccinated, while in Idaho, the number is 11%.

Nationally, the survey also found that 40% of people who have been vaccinated would be prepared to pause friendships if they discovered some friends refused to be vaccinated.

37% of respondents agree with the principle of incentives – in the form of money or products – to encourage people to get vaccinated.