It’s important all times of the year, but especially in this cold weather season where more heating sources are used and the potential for fires goes up, you should be sure you know what to do if one happens.

“Practice your home fire drill,” said Cherie Sage with Safe Kids Kansas. “Most fires happen when you’re in your home and that’s where we’re most comfortable. It’s important that we not only plan that, with our entire family, particularly our kids, but practice it regularly.”

Planning out all the escape routes could take some time.

“Map out your home on a grid with a piece of paper,” said Sage. “Map that out and find two ways out of every room. This is good for a couple of reasons. First of all, it really makes you think about, how do I get out? If I had any type of emergency, how could I get out of this space? Also, if you need special equipment, if you have kids bedrooms on the second floor, you might need, for that second way out, you may need a ladder from the window.”

Also, once you’ve made your map, post it so that anyone who comes to visit can give it a look so they know the way out.

“If you have a babysitter coming that doesn’t live in the home, so they’re less familiar, post that on your refrigerator,” said Sage. “Review that quickly with them before you go out on your date.”

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