Marshall Joins Bipartisan Letter to Veterans Affairs

A Senator from the Sunflower State has signed onto a bipartisan letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs, asking them to step up efforts in suicide prevention.

Senator Roger Marshall joined a group of over 30 senators in sending the letter to the VA, urging its leaders to quickly provide outreach to veterans about available mental health services and resources.

The letter comes as reports show calls to veterans’ suicide hotlines have increased since the fall of Afghanistan.

The senators note that more than 800,000 veterans served in Afghanistan.

In their letter, the Senators note that veterans between the ages of 18 to 34 have the highest suicide rate among former service members.

The senators want a plan to contact veterans in the coming months through digital correspondence, social media, phone calls, and text messages.

The letter was signed by 13 Republican and 22 Democratic senators.