Marshall Praises USMCA; Sees Impeachment Vote Going Down Party Lines

Kansas First District Congressman Dr. Roger Marshall spoke Wednesday morning on both of the major news items to come out of Washington Tuesday. He was pleased with the deal that is done on the United States Mexico and Canada Trade Agreement.

“I’m going to celebrate the moment,” said Marshall. “This is huge for Kansas. It’s going to mean thousands of jobs, hundreds of millions of dollars of increased exports.”

Marshall sees this as a permanent boost to the economy.

“The GDP of America will go up a half of a percent based upon this agreement,” said Marshall. “It’s going to stay there. This will add a half of a percent to next year’s economy and the year after and the year after and the year after that.”

Regarding the impeachment inquiry, Marshall doesn’t see the House vote on the articles of impeachment changing much from party lines.

“It will be absolutely partisan,” said Marshall. “There may be a few Democrats that get a pass from Speaker Pelosi, because they know that they’re going to have hell to pay back in their district. Sharice
Davids is one of those. All the polling shows that those independent voters that voted for her think the impeachment is a mess, that it’s a circus.”

Davids announced Monday that she would vote for the articles of impeachment.