Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives is preparing a case in the impeachment inquiry that appears at this point to be accusing President Donald Trump of bribery. Kansas First District Congressman Roger Marshall said Friday he doesn’t buy it.

“What Nancy Pelosi did, she went out and did some focus groups,” said Marshall. “She said, of all the words that we could use, these made up charges on the President, which one polls the highest? It was evidently the word bribery. People just need to realize, the President committed no crime. He asked Ukraine to investigate corruption. This corruption goes all the way back to our 2016 election.”

Marshall said in his opinion, the request was not illegal.

“He made no quid pro quo,” said Marshall. “He didn’t bribe them. He didn’t say he would or wouldn’t do anything. He simply asked them to investigate the corruption. It is true that we were withholding military aid from them. That went on for over a week before the phone call. It continued for over a month afterwards. Guess what? The Ukraine didn’t even know we were withholding aid from them. The two issues were never connected.”

Marshall repeated a point he has made previously that there were two policy paths being taken at the same time.

“The President wants Ukraine to investigate corruption,” said Marshall. “On the other road going down, is withholding of military aid, but the two were never connected. The Democrats have no witness, especially no firsthand witness, that’s going to say, we’re going to give you one for the other. There was no bribe. There was no quid pro quo. The President did not do anything wrong.”

Hearings in the impeachment inquiry continue this week.