Marshall sees Pelosi impeding President Trump’s agenda, decries ‘politics as usual’

Kansas First District Congressman Republican Roger Marshall has no affinity for the actions of Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi right now, particularly when it comes to the USMCA.

“It is probably the most frustrated I have been in my short three years there,” said Marshall Thursday. “This USMCA agreement, of course, it’s terrific for agriculture. We export four times more to Canada and Mexico than we do to China. It’s vitally important. This is great for manufacturing as well. This new agreement is going to bring manufacturing jobs back to Kansas. It’s going to allow us to keep producing aerospace products that we produce. Those products go back and forth across the border.”

Marshall sees it as a win-win for everybody. Pelosi apparently doesn’t.

“I mean, the only reason she won’t bring it to the House floor is that she wants a pound of flesh out of President Trump,” said Marshall.

Marshall believes Pelosi is standing in the way of disaster aid, as well.

“I’m very disappointed the Senate bill doesn’t have any funding for President Trump’s wall,” said Marshall. “But, there’s a lot of good things in it, too, including flood insurance, so there is an improvement and it looks like a good piece of legislation. I need to go back and read the fine print. My staff is breaking it down as we speak.”

With regard to the Mueller Report, Marshall says Kansas is ready to move on and that he actually read it all over the course of about six plane trips and this is politics as usual from Speaker Pelosi.