Millennials now occupy a third of the American workforce. Do millennials prioritize meaningful work?

“90% of millennials put some degree of importance on meaningful work,” said Tricia Harte of Digital Third Coast, referring to an Olivet Nazarene University survey. “It does matter. A number of millennials actually said that meaningful work was more important to them than it was to their parents.”

The financial constraints of adulthood do play a factor.

“Money did matter,” said Harte. “Millennials are definitely split between their willingness to do more meaningful work for less money. It was just a 50-50 split, but they actually were willing to work longer hours to do meaningful work.”

There is a range of work that millennials find meaningful.

“The most meaningful work by industry that we found, those employees are in education, nonprofit and social services, medical, health care,” said Harte. They’re doing types of works that range from instructional to creative and also analytical.”

The average age of respondents was 32 years old.