Measure Dropping Age of Concealed Carry Passes

A proposal to lower the legal age in Kansas to carry concealed firearms from 21 to 18 has won final approval in the Legislature.

The Senate approved the bill, 30-8, and the House passed it hours later, 80-43, sending it to Governor Laura Kelly.

People as young as 18 already can carry firearms in the open in Kansas.

Under the bill approved by legislators, 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds would have to obtain a license to carry concealed, although older gun owners still do not have to get one.

Education groups say it wouldn’t change current laws that allow high schools to prohibit guns on school grounds.

The bill would also expand Kansas’ recognition of other states’ concealed carry permits.

The bill includes a provision that would allow people who have been convicted of crimes including misdemeanor domestic battery to possess firearms after their criminal records are expunged.