Medicare (Scam) Time Again

The annual open-enrollment period for Medicare has started, and runs through December 7th.

As is always the case when government processes are potentially convoluted, a legion of scammers are springing forth to offer their “assistance.”

The Better Business Bureau says that crooks have been making calls to older Americans in which they claim to be a government representative – a “health care benefits advocate” – who can help navigate the Medicare sign-up process.

Scammers will tell people that they need to provide personal information, like a Medicare ID number, to start the process.

Once that information is provided, crooks are enabled to scam the Medicare system out of big bucks.

Crooks also attempt to frighten older Americans in the process.

The caller will claim to be assisting Medicare recipients who are about to lose their coverage altogether.

These so-called “Medicare advisors” say they just want to help fix the situation.

They might even ask for a payment for their service.