Meditation Room Kerfuffle Continues

Republican legislators have hatched a plan for returning the Kansas Statehouse’s meditation room to its original spot after Governor Laura Kelly moved it to create more space for her staff.

The Legislature wanted space for prayer in 2012 when then-Governor Sam Brownback created a meditation room on the Statehouse’s second floor.

Legislators included provisions in annual state budgets to keep the room there, but they forgot last year, allowing Kelly to commandeer their prized space.

Kelly expanded her constituent services team to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

The meditation room moved to an out-of-the-way spot in the basement.

Lawmakers responded with a budget provision to reclaim the second-floor space, but Kelly vetoed it.

The plan would give the governor’s staff a different second-floor suite.

That would prompt other space swaps involving them, senators, their clerks, and State Library staffers.

A decision is likely later this year.