Memorial Union on KU campus to begin selling alcohol

A restaurant at Memorial Union at the University of Kansas began selling beer and alcohol Tuesday, as a way to “test the waters” for future businesses that might want to offer alcohol on campus, the union’s director said.

Impromptu Cafe is the only place on campus selling alcohol, other than Memorial Stadium during football games, The Lawrence Journal-World reported.

David Mucci, director of the Memorial Union, said last spring that a bar would open at the union int the fall of 2019 but that didn’t occur.  A bar is not out of the question in the future, Mucci said.

“One of those steps toward that is just to try out the concept using our Impromptu restaurant,” he said.

Last week, the Board of Regents approved an amendment to state university policies that clarified that alcohol may be sold in non-classroom areas designated by the university CEO.

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