Moran Getting Pressed on Infrastructure Bill

A group founded by former Vice President Mike Pence’s ex-chief of staff is launching an ad campaign to pressure Senator Jerry Moran into dropping his support for a bipartisan infrastructure plan.

Moran, who stands for re-election in 2022, is one of 21 senators who signed on to the $973 billion package negotiated with President Joe Biden.

The group is expected to feature television spots in the Wichita and Topeka markets, The Kansas City Star reports.

The anti-tax group was formed in March by former Pence chief of staff Marc Short.

Short said the group worries that the plan will lead to a large tax increase.

It doesn’t include a tax increase, but provides $40 billion for the Internal Revenue Service to boost tax enforcement.

Moran disputes the idea that passing the infrastructure plan will trigger an increase in taxes.

He says improving infrastructure is vital to the nation’s economy.