Moran on Letter to CDC, TSA About Masks

What’s the latest official guidance on wearing masks when using mass transportation like planes, buses, and trains? That’s what five U.S. Senators are trying to find out.

Senator Jerry Moran released a letter he co-authored with two other Republican Senators and two Democratic Senators to the heads of the Center For Disease Control and Prevention and the Transportation Security Administration.

The senators want to know if there has been any updating of the policies on mask usage in mass transportation since the last guidance was issued by the CDC last month.

At that time, the CDC said that fully vaccinated individuals no longer needed to wear masks or maintain a six-foot social distance.

The agency also said it would be working with other agencies on their policies.

The senators are asking what steps the CDC and the TSA have taken in updating their mask policy.

They also requested a reply by July 12th.