Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran said Friday that he hasn’t decided how he would vote on removing President Donald Trump from office if the House impeaches Trump as expected.

Moran was asked while attending an event in Topeka whether he had decided how he would vote on removing Trump from office.  He jokingly called it “a stupid question.”

“No,” he said.  “I guess you could take my answer as, like, `Does he already know?’ No.”

The House Judiciary Committee on Friday approved two impeachment articles over Trump’s effort to get Ukraine to investigate Democratic political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter.  One alleges Trump abused his power as president, and the other alleges he obstructed Congress’ investigation.

Moran said he hopes for a short Senate trial of “a couple of weeks.”  He said he worries that a longer trial would prevent the Senate from doing other important business, but he also said he does not want the Senate to dismiss the case against Trump almost immediately.

“It should be thoughtfully considered but you also don’t want this just continue to be THE topic in Washington, D.C., for weeks on end,” he said.

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