More ACA Plans Available in Kansas

If you’re buying health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchange in Kansas, for 2021 you’ll have more options than ever – including a big player that sat out the Obamacare market the past few years.

A half dozen insurers are now vying for customers.

KCUR reports that availability varies depending on where you live.

In 2019, three insurers offered 23 plans.

For 2021, six insurers are offering 100 plans.

You can enroll through December 15th for policies that start January 1st.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City is jumping back into the market after pulling out at the end of 2017.

Like last year, all of the plans on offer in Kansas limit coverage to their networks.

If you pick a doctor or hospital outside their networks, don’t expect any help unless it’s a medical emergency.

If you need coverage for specific medications or doctors, you should check which plans include them in their networks before you sign up.