More State Highway Funds Distributed

Thirty-six Kansas cities will receive a combined total of $23 million to improve highways and intersections as part of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s City Connecting Link Improvement Program, or CCLIP.

Highway Infrastructure Program funds coming to Kansas enabled this round of CCLIP funds to increase from $18 million to $23 million for use in fiscal years 2022-2024.

A “City Connecting Link” is any routing of the State Highway System located within the corporate limits of a city.

Demand for CCLIP funding was high with cities having dealt with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KDOT received 61 applications requesting $37 million in funding towards $47 million in total construction.

Under the CCLIP, a city is required to contribute up to 25 percent of the project cost based on its population, though some cities contribute significantly more.

Cities under 2,500 in population are not required to provide a match.