National development company will update housing at Fort Riley

A national development company plans to build or renovate 128 homes at Fort Riley as part of a push to modernize housing on several U.S. military bases.

Corvias, which partners with the U.S. military, said this week it will erect 96 new homes and renovate 32 homes at the fort near Manhattan.

Corvias says about 44% of homes on the base are more than 40 years old.  The company says the project will reduce water and energy use, and decrease the Army’s maintenance costs on the older homes.

The Manhattan Mercury reports other upgrades will include new roofs on some homes, landscape upgrades, weatherproofing and updating or installing more energy efficient appliances, thermostats and light fixtures.

Corvias has invested $325 million in modernization and improvements of U.S. Army base housing.

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