Cattle placed on feed during the month of September surpassed two million head. USDA’s monthly Cattle on Feed report indicates that 2,093,000 head of cattle were placed during the month, a two-percent increase from a year ago. Marketings also increased in September to 1,738,000 head, a gain of one percent. Feedlot population to start October was at 11,278,000, a one-percent drop from a year ago and similar to last month’s result. Heifers now account for 4,407,000 head, up two percent from a year ago.

Kansas feedlots had slightly more cattle to start October this year than last. 2,380,000 head of cattle were on hand, up 10,000 head from last year and two percent from last month. 435,000 head were placed last month in the state’s lots, down 10,000 head, with 155,000 head weighing at least 800 pounds. Marketings during September totaled 385,000 head, a net gain of 10,000 head from a year ago but down ten percent from August. Almost 47 percent of the state’s feedlot population are heifers, the second-highest percentage among states surveyed by USDA.