Needed: Snow Plow Drivers

The Kansas Department of Transportation is facing a big problem for the upcoming winter season.

KDOT does not have enough equipment operators – the agency’s primary snowplow operators – in a number of areas across the state.

These shortages create the potential for highways to not be cleared of snow and ice as quickly as in the past.

The agency has dealt with reduced staffing in the past, but the shortages are greater this year.

KDOT is about 30% short of snowplow operators needed to be fully staffed in offices across the state.

To help address the shortage, the agency will deploy all employees who have a Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, to plow snow.

They’ll also be hiring seasonal employees.

For people interested in working at KDOT, go to the state’s employment website at

KDOT will assist selected applicants in obtaining a CDL upon hiring, including paying for training.