New baby animals born at Topeka Zoo


People coming to the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center to see the new Saving Sharks exhibit may also encounter some new births and hatchlings.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Esperta, a Golden Lion Tamarin who will turn four years old on August 4th , gave birth to twin infants.  Golden Lion Tamarins are native to the coastal forests of Brazil and are an endangered species. Kris, the proud father, was transferred to the Topeka Zoo from the Santa Barbara Zoo last year at the recommendation of the Species Survival Plan. The birth of the twins brings the troop size to five.  While it is normal for Golden Lion Tamarins to have twins, one of the twins is weaker than the other and is receiving supplemental care from the Zoo’s veterinary team.  Esperta and the other infant can be viewed at the Golden Lion Tamarin habitat at the Zoo’s Tropical Rain Forest.

Early Friday morning, Zoo staff watched as a Grey Crowned Crane chick hatched.  Official Zoo records state that the names of the two adult cranes are Mbawa (male, age 38) and Kuanga (female, age 25).  Toonline chatters who watch the giraffe habitat, the pair of cranes is known as Hank and Mrs. Hank.  BabyHank is also the product of a Species Survival Plan recommended pairing.  The crane family will move toan off exhibit space for about a month to allow the chick to grow to a safe height before they return to the giraffe habitat.