New Census Data Shows Urban Growth, Rural Losses

Most Kansas counties lost residents over the past 10 years as the state’s population concentrated in more populous places, including the Kansas City area, new census figures show.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s once-a-decade count of the nation’s population showed that 80 of the state’s 105 counties declined in population since 2010, 16 of them by more than 10%.

Five of the top 10 fastest-growing counties were in or close to the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The state’s most populous county, Johnson County, has suburbs that have been growing for decades, and its population grew another 12.1% in the past 10 years.

Johnson County has seen its population nearly triple in the past 50 years.

Census figures show that Kansas saw a 3% increase in population over 10 years, to almost 2.94 million.

Census figures also showed that Kansas grew more diverse, with Hispanic or Latino residents increasing to 13% of the population, up from 10.5% a decade ago.