New Cost Share Program looks forward to first approvals with large number of applications

With nearly 100 applications in the first round, the new Cost Share Program from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is off to a strong start. This is to fill in the gaps around other KDOT programs.

“We may not be able to accomodate more of a local road improvement, or a downtown sidewalk or those types of projects,” said Lindsey Douglas, Deputy Secretary of Policy and Fiscal Affairs at KDOT. “Really, the Cost Share Program was developed to leverage local investment and kind of infuse some state dollars to help get that transportation improvement actually completed.”

Entities, typically administered by a local unit of government, are required to put forward a minimum of 15% non-state cash match with additional consideration given to project applications that commit more than the minimum required match amount.

“We’re really looking to not utilize these state funds as kind of a backfill for a maintenance budget,” said Douglas. “We really want to see a needed community improvement that has a lot of community support, either for mobility or business use.”

A minimum 25% match is required for projects to qualify for a portion of the one-time $50 million approved this fiscal year by the Legislature and Gov. Laura Kelly.

“We hope to have the projects announced around the end of the month for this first round,” said Douglas. “The way that we anticipated the program working, just to be able to respond to needs faster, is that we would have an ongoing acceptance of applications.”

Depending upon remaining funds, a second announcement is expected in the spring of 2020.