New Law Changes Judicial Branch Funding

A new law would change the source of some of the funding for the Kansas Judicial system – a move that even the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, Marla Luckert, testified in favor of.

Under current law, the state judicial system gets percentages of various fees.

Altogether, this amounts to a little over 29 million dollars.

This money will now go directly to the state general fund.

In testimony before a legislative committee, the Chief Justice noted that a sharp decrease in user fee revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic required the Supreme Court to impose a statewide hiring freeze within the agency.

The Court also had to request the Legislature provide an additional 7.4 million dollars to compensate for the deficit.

The goal of the bill is to create a more stable funding structure for the Judicial Branch.

The Kansas Bar Association also testified in favor of the bill.