It’s time to learn a new name for the power company for over a million customers in Kansas and Missouri.

“Instead of seeing a Westar Energy truck or going to the Westar Energy website, you’d go to Evergy,” said Evergy spokesperson Gina Penzig.

Evergy is the new name for the company created by the merger of Westar and Kansas City Power and Light.

“We now serve about 1.6 million customers in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri,” said Penzig. “Our next step is to extend that new name to our customer facing operation.”

The reason for the merger was to take advantage of economies of scale in an effort to reduce long-term rate increases.

“Customers, except for seeing a new name, won’t experience a lot of change with this,” said Penzig. “We just wanted to make sure we got the new name out. I know, when I bring my mail in, I’m looking to throw any junk mail away, anything I don’t recognize right away. It was important to get Evergy’s name out there so that customers are ready to receive information.”

If you have questions, you can still call the same phone numbers you always have, or go to Evergy’s new website at