New Online Hunting Course Added

Before you get your hunting license in Kansas, you have to take a course.

Now you can take that course completely online.

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is offering a fully-online Hunter Education course for prospective hunters aged 16 and older.

Upon successful completion of the self-paced course, students will be issued a Kansas Hunter Education Certificate, allowing them to purchase hunting licenses and permits, and be eligible to hunt without the direct supervision of a licensed adult in Kansas.

Historically, KDWP has offered two delivery methods for Hunter Education certification: a traditional, 10-hour minimum in-person course, and an internet-assisted option that requires an in-person “field day.”

The newly-added, fully-online course covers 14 subjects across four modules – Firearm Basics, Firearm Handling, Field Safety, and Hunter Ethics.

Kansas’ full-online option will not replace traditional courses or internet-assisted courses.

It is being offered as a third option along with the previous course formats.