New Scam: Give Us Your Vaccination Info

The sheriff of Brown County says his county’s residents are getting scam phone calls, which likely means those calls are going out to most of the state.

Brown County Sheriff John Merchant says people have been reporting that they have been receiving phone calls from someone representing themselves as “information centers for COVID compliance”.

The callers are informing individuals they are taking a survey to see if they have been vaccinated, which vaccination did they receive, when they receive the shot, did they experience any side  effects, and did they have any concerns or comments about the vaccine.

The caller ID shows “unavailable” or “scam.”

When one person was asked about having any concerns or comments, they engaged in a lengthy conversation with the scammers.

The sheriff’s office recommends that if you receive such a call, you should hang up immediately.

No reputable agency will be calling you regarding your COVID immunization status or concerns.