New Stimulus Checks = More Scammers

The new round of stimulus checks from the federal government means a new round of scammers trying to take advantage of it.

The Better Business Bureau has these tips:

Watch out for an email or text messages instructing you to click a link to “request benefit payments.”

The link connects to an application prompting the entering of personal information in order to “make sure you are getting all the payments owed to you.”

This “application”, however, is really a way to phish for personal details and commit identity theft.

In a phone variation of the con, the scammer pretends to call from a government agency.

The con artist insists on being paid immediately – or confirmation of personal information – before a stimulus check is sent.

Other times, scammers claim additional funds are available or that the consumer can receive funds immediately once a small “processing fee” is paid with a pre-paid debit card.