The New Year is a time for many people to take a look at their finances for the year ahead. Fidelity Investments reports in a new survey that 32 percent of people plan to ring in the new year with a financial resolution, up from 27 percent the year before.

“Financial resolutions are making a comeback,” said Melissa Ridolfi, Vice President of Retirement and College Products with Fidelity. “That’s despite the recent market volatility. People are still optimistic about their future. They’ve made a lot of progress over the last decade and they want to maintain the momentum that they’ve gained.”

People who answered Fidelity’s survey see good news on their financial horizon.

“Four in ten say they’re currently in a better financial condition than last year,” said Ridolfi. “Seventy-five percent expect to be better off financially in 2019.”

The keys that respondents see to financial fitness are still common themes from previous years.

“The top three continue to be focused on saving more, paying down or paying off debt and spending less,” said Ridolfi.

Interviewing for this CARAVAN Survey was completed on October 4-7 and 11-14, 2018 by Engine Insights.