Next Redistricting: Kansas Senate Seats

Republicans are moving to redraw the boundaries of Kansas Senate districts so that a GOP and Democratic senator would face running against each other and the Redistricting Committee’s chair would be drawn into a GOP colleague’s district.

Republicans and Democrats have rival plans, though the GOP plan is more likely to pass, given Republicans’ Senate supermajority.

The League of Women Voters also has a plan.

The Kansas Constitution requires lawmakers to redraw their districts to make them equal in population every 10 years.

The GOP plan would put Redistricting Chair Rick Wilborn in a district with Senator Michael Fagg.

The Republican plan also would put Senator Beverly Gossage in a district with Democratic Senator Tom Holland, setting up a potential 2024 race.

The Democratic plan has only one district with a pair of incumbents.

The League of Women Voters’ proposal would have three districts with a pair of GOP incumbents.