The Kansas advocate for the National Federation of Independent Business is clear that Small Business Saturday is a big help to those he represents.

“The money that’s spent at local retailers is kept in the community,” said Dan Murray with NFIB-Kansas. “It’s kept in the community through the wages of the employees there. Also, the small business retailers in your communities sponsor the local football teams and the events around the communities. It’s a very important way to keep the money that you’re going to spend during the holiday season in the community.”

This year marks the tenth Small Business Saturday.

“In 2012, Small Business Saturday sales were about $5.5 billion,” said Murray. “This past year, we estimate that it was around $17.8 billion in sales. We’ve really increased the notoriety of Small Business Saturday.”

Currently, there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States.

“It’s made a very huge impact, not only during the holiday season,” said Murray. “People get to explore and learn more about retailers that they may not have visited during the rest of the year.”

About half of all-American workers are either employed by a small business or own a small business, and two out of three net new jobs are created by small businesses.