No Change in Drought Conditions in Kansas

There was no change to the drought monitor map for Kansas. The latest map from the National Drought Mitigation center showed a little over three percent of the state is considered abnormally dry. The areas are a small four county area in the far northeastern part of the state and portions of a six county area in southeast Kansas.

If you compare the state’s drought monitor map to three months ago, it’s a big difference. Back in March, over 72 percent of the state was considered abnormally dry or in drought conditions while nearly 45 percent of the state was considered in drought conditions.

The first long stretch of hot weather across the state will probably change the map next week.


Drought getting worse in western U.S. and northern plains

The drought situation continues to downgrade across numerous portions of the western U.S. and into the northern plains.

Four states, Utah, Nevada, California and Oregon are 100 percent drought conditions. Arizona and North Dakota are at 99 percent drought conditions. New Mexico is at 93 percent and Washington State is at 92 percent drought conditions. South Dakota and Idaho are near 80 percent drought conditions.

Also, if you look at Nebraska’s latest drought map, they’re at nearly 45 percent abnormally dry, which is up 14 points from last week.


Source: National Drought Mitigation Center