There are three major areas of concern for dry weather and drought conditions across the United States.

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor map a big area from central and western Kansas extending westward through a good portion of Colorado, Utah along with northern portions of Arizona and New Mexico.

Another area is from southern, central and up through northeastern part of Texas. A third area is in the pacific northwest through most of Washington, Oregon and western portions of Idaho and Montana.



The latest Kansas drought monitor map was unchanged from last week and still showing the drought’s grip on portions of southwest and south central Kansas. Nearly 28 percent of the state is considered in moderate, severe or extreme drought conditions. The worst areas continue to be in the southwest part of the state. Areas of moderate to severe drought extend to most of southwest and into portions of west central, central and south central Kansas.  The Kansas drought monitor map has not seen these types of drought conditions since the Aug 28, 2018 map.