No Charges Against Sedgwick County Deputy

No criminal charges will be filed against a Kansas sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot an unarmed woman who refused to pull over during a high-speed police chase that began over a wrong license plate on a vehicle.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett released his final report concluding that the deputy is immune from prosecution in the 2019 death of 51-year-old Debra Arbuckle.

Bennett cited the state’s “stand your ground law”, under which a person who acts in defense of himself or another is immune from prosecution.

He determined the deputy fired his weapon to stop what he perceived to be a threat of bodily injury to himself and his fellow deputies.

Attorney Michael Kuckelman, who represents Arbuckle’s son in a federal lawsuit over her death, said that the family is disappointed that Sedgwick County Deputy Kaleb Dailey is not facing a homicide charge.

He said eluding an officer doesn’t warrant deadly force.