No Special Legislative Session…Probably

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly and top Republican legislators have agreed to try to encourage Kansas counties to adopt local mask mandates rather than consider a statewide rule.

Kelly had a private Zoom meeting with eight leaders of the Legislature, six of them Republicans, and participants said afterward that they discussed encouraging greater mask use.

The governor said last week that she wanted to work with lawmakers on a bipartisan mandate to require people to wear masks in public.

An agenda for the meeting prepared by the governor’s office said participants would discuss mask legislation, and possibly having a special session of the Legislature.

Lawmakers are not scheduled to reconvene until January.

The top three House Republicans issued a statement noting an agreement to promote public education to increase mask use, then called on Kansas residents to follow public health officials’ advice because, “This is the right thing to do.”

Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning said that he thinks a special session is off the table.