No Threats Found in Dodge City Mayoral Resignation

Last week the mayor of Dodge City resigned, saying she had received threats that made her feel unsafe. Now, several investigators have concluded that angry emails about mask requirements that prompted her to resign did not directly threaten her safety.

Dodge City investigators, the city prosecutor, and the Ford County prosecutor reviewed three emails sent to the mayor before concluding they were not threats against her.

They said the man who sent the emails supports mask mandates, and was frustrated that the city hadn’t acted faster to fight the virus.

The emails had only summary lines with the messages, “You and your city council should be tried for murder;” “History will scorn you;” and “There is a good chance you and your commissioners will burn in hell,” according to a summary of the investigation.

Investigators determined the emails were sent by a John Brawner from Kentucky, The Dodge City Daily Globe reported.

Brawner acknowledged sending the emails after he “had a few beers” and read the article about Dodge City’s COVID-19 infections.