Not All Mail Ballots Counted in Kansas

More than 1,500 Kansans did not have their votes counted in the August primary because their mail ballots arrived too late, but many of them were uncounted because voters didn’t mail them on time, election data shows.

Uncounted ballots from two of the state’s most populous counties indicate that most of the problem was people mailing ballots too late to get the required August 4th postmark, but it is unclear whether the late ballots were mailed after the election, or whether there was a delay at the Post Office.

Weekly data analyzed by The Associated Press shows a drop-off in mail delivery times in Kansas.

In the district that covers most of the state, including Wichita and Topeka, on-time delivery of first-class mail dropped from 93% at the beginning of July to around 88% the week before the election.

The district that covers Kansas City and the rest of far eastern Kansas saw on-time delivery drop from around 91% at the start of July to 87% in the week before the primary.