Opioid Settlement Reached

Kansas has reached its first legal settlement related to the opioid addiction crisis, and it will bring $4.8 million to the state that must be used for drug treatment and addiction abatement.

The settlement is with McKinsey and Company, one of the world’s largest consulting firms.

The settlement resolves allegations the company violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act by helping opioid companies illegally promote their drugs and profiting from the opioid epidemic.

Under terms of the settlement, Kansas will be required by court order to use the recovered funds to fight substance abuse and not for general government purposes.

The Kansas attorney general’s office handled the McKinsey case without using private counsel.

No local governments had sued McKinsey, and none of the recoveries will be used for attorney fees, so settlement was less complicated, and drug-treatment funding made available more quickly.

The settlement will require McKinsey to disclose tens of thousands of internal documents detailing its work for Purdue Pharma and other opioid companies for public viewing online.