Ottawa Police: Three Vehicles Disabled in Chase

Ottawa Police, along with officers from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, had a wild chase Sunday evening, with multiple vehicles being put out of action.

Early Sunday evening, Ottawa Police received a call about a disturbance, and located the suspect driving away.

The first responding officer was able to get behind the suspect to conduct a traffic stop.

However, the suspect put his vehicle into reverse and backed into the patrol vehicle, disabling it.

The suspect then drove forward and struck a second patrol vehicle head-on.

This patrol vehicle was also disabled.

The suspect then drove away.

The suspect drove into a cul-de-sac where it turned around and rammed a third Ottawa Police vehicle head-on.

This time, it was the suspect’s vehicle that was disabled.

The suspect resisted arrest, and was tasered.

Scott Thompson, a 58-year-old Ottawa man, was arrested on multiple charges, including DUI.

No officers were injured.